Hasina Chowdhury Mita is an artist from  Melbourne

Mita is a Bangladeshi heritage Australian artist.  Mita’s art work is not just a painting it’s more of  like a visual story telling with the viewers. Her paint tells more about her cultural background and her heritage, also her dual identity, her cross culture. It’s often represent her emotional journey in a country where she didn’t brought up and which she didn’t familiar with until her early twenties.  


Her feeling of dislocation, discomfort, suffocation in a western culture and her south Asian heritage which also influenced by a colonial tradition often make a complex but poetic composition on the canvas. Her clever juxtaposition of her cross culture certainly create  and play an illusion in viewers mind and their perception. Her pictorial representation of her surroundings, the emotion around her and her everyday life sometimes evolve in a socio-political context with the connection of her cross culture. 


As she always says, “ I might speak & think in English, but I still dream in Bengali”.

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